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[Trace looks through one of the big shelves of books, picks out and examines a book, and places it on the already large stack of books on the table right behind him. The books all range in topics from quantum physics to Sumerian mythology and are from multiple sections of the library. There is also a pile of messily-written notes next to the stack of books on the table.
He looks through the shelf some more, but most of the books he looks at he places back on the shelf. He's looking for specific information that can help find the truth he's been searching for. Which is why he's in a public library, searching through books upon shelves upon shelf-full of books. If only he can find some possible way to get back to Sudra....
As he's about to move on to yet another shelf, someone enters the Technology section of the library, the section he's currently in, catching his attention away from the books, if even for a moment.] Hello?
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In which Kirby eats infinite brownies, Marx is there, and Trace shows up somehow!

Eat me... )
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In which Kirby and Ribbon meet since forever ago, and Mun FINALLY gets to use the Chatzy tag!

And then they did it. Not really. )
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(I haven't even beaten the second boss yet, and already I wanna play this guy.
A kind of voice test of sorts.
You set the scenario, we'll play it from there. If you can't think of what to start, post an idea and we'll go from there. Actionspam is preferred, because I suck at prose.)


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