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Kirby and Ribbon Adventures! Part 1 - 11/22/2013

In which Kirby and Ribbon meet since forever ago, and Mun FINALLY gets to use the Chatzy tag!

Ribbon jumped into the box
Ribbon reconstructs the box somehow
Kirby jumped into the box
Ribbon: Hi!
Kirby: Hi Ribbon!
Ribbon: Been a little while...
Kirby nods "Yup."
Ribbon: ...You'know,
Ribbon: Being a teen gives me "those feelings"
Kirby: Feelings?
Ribbon: And I'm somewhat glad you're here .
Ribbon: Hmm... Like you wanna create a child and such ..
Ribbon: Pretty sure you don't know what I mean by that.
Kirby is confused
Kirby: No....?
Kirby: I don't.....?
Ribbon: Eh, it's something... Well, you don't mind "learning"?~
EDITOR'S NOTE: To keep things SFW here, we assume Kirby said "no" to this.
Ribbon: ...Alright, I 'll keep you in the dark about it.
Kirby: OK.
Ribbon: So, how about you? How're you?
Kirby: I'm good! Hungry though.
Ribbon: ... Wish'd I knew how to make you something, but right now I'm just brain-dead at it!
Kirby looked sad for a moment before getting an idea "We could look for food!"
Ribbon: "...Good idea, haven't eaten out in weeks."
Kirby cheered "Poyo!"
Ribbon nods. "Gotta find where though..."
Ribbon: ((...Aaaand I gotta go.))
Kirby: (Aw, OK. Continue this later?)
Ribbon: (( yeh))
Kirby: (OK, see ya!)

To Be Continued