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Name:Angi's Musebox
Website:Chatzy Chat Room
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A panfandom musebox for a DreamWidth and Chatzy roleplayer
Community Rules:

1. This community is Safe For Work. Try to keep things T/PG-13 and below. NO OVERLY SEXUAL OR GORY CONTENT WILL BE TOLERATED! Innuendos are perfectly fine, though. Please keep the violence level on par with what's been shown in canon.

2. Fourthwalling is okay ONLY IF your character is known for such a thing (i.e. Pit from Kid Icarus). NO GODMODDING WILL BE TOLERATED, however. Ask for permission before attempting something serious against my characters, such as killing them, or wiping out their minds.

3. Respect me and I'll respect you. Do not stir up any unnecessary drama. What I've done is in the past; leave it there. Please PM me with any concerns you have with my characters.

4. I have the right to request a cease and desist if I get too uncomfortable and wish to stop with whatever we're doing. (I'll just PM you with a message like: "Hey, can we stop doing this, please?") When that happens, from that point, such incidents will either be implied or treated as if they never happened.

5. If you want to post links, please ask me for permission, or at least give context to whatever link you're posting. If it has come to my attention that you posted viruses or other harmful and unlawful content, I will ban you permanently.

6. Most importantly, have fun! This is nothing more than online silliness, so don't take anything here seriously. If you need to take a break (no matter how long), it's perfectly fine. Real life comes first.

These rules also apply to the Chatzy room and all of my muses' journals and Tumblr blogs. If you break any of these rules (trying to smut, godmodding my characters, harrassment, refusing to stop when I ask), expect me to ban you.
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