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Going further down

[Lemeza leads the way down the hallway, past the hole in the wall and the strange murals. Ahead of his group is a hole on the floor, with a wooden ladder heading downwards. Down the ladder is completely blacked out like the hallway above it was, before the hallway lit up, apparently by a stray flare gun by the sound of it. A worn-out sign is posted on the wall next to the ladder. The legible parts read:
"...o, the.............negative emotions,
..........................galaxi.......................rk Matter.
Abandon hope all who enter beyond this point."

But does that stop Mr. Explorer? No! He proceeds to climb down the ladder.
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I just noticed their walking icons face the opposite directions. XD

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[Kirby follows after Lemeza down the ladder.
He wishes he still had the Fire Ability. That way he can light the way for them.
But at least he still has the Ninja Ability.]
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Sorry for late reply

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(Meanwhile,Treebranch and Rainbowheart were following them)
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Re: It's cool. :)

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(When they keep on walking, Critter heard a rattling noise.What is it?)
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[Kirby heard the noise as well, when he hopped off the ladder.
It sounds like.... bones moving?]
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(It sounds more like chains jingling,it was pretty loud.Critter crept
closer and closer until he spotted....)
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(...A rhino?More like a big,wooly rhino.The rhinoceros has a 42 feet long horn,forelegs bigger than the hind legs,it has a pointed upper lip that looks like a beak,and a 18 feet long horn,like those of a modern rhino but the front is longer,and shoulder height is 66 feet)
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I think you made it confusing.XD

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(Rainbowheart saw the big,wooly rhino.It looks like an Elasmotherium, a big wooly rhinoceros in the prehistoric times,but the chained rhino was bigger and a has a horn bigger than the one behind it)
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[Huh. Kirby must have heard something else.
He stumbles around in the dark until he bumps into something large and wooly.]
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(The rhino can't see in the dark but it can sniff Kirby.As if Kirby was a threat to it.With a snort of a breath the rhino started going
crazy,the chains jingled and jangled when the rhino was trying to attack Kirby)
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[Apparently, something is going crazy in front of Kirby, but Kirby can't see what it is!
Kirby tries to use his "Ninja Sense" to detect and avoid its rampage.]
(Which makes one wonder why he didn't try doing this earlier.)
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(Rainbowheart saw that the rhino was trying to attack Kirby)

Treebranch,throw me up to the rhino's back!

(Treebranch tilts her head at Rainbowheart as if to say "Are you sure about this?".Rainbowheart can only hear Treebranch's voice,she nods at her)
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(Rainbowheart gets on Treebranch's head,she pats her head to throw her up.Treebranch throws her up on the giant rhino's back)

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(The rhino felt something on it's back,it started to get much angrier.Critter didn't want to get too close,look how strong it is!)
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(Rainbowheart held on tightly even though it was dark, her eyesight is super.Treebranch found a stick,she breaths fire on the stick and held it with her furless prehensile tail like a torch.Rainbowheart was still on the rhino)

Okay, Mr.Rhino.You asked for it!!
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(Rainbowheart gave rhino a back scratch to calm it down)

I-it's okay,buddy.I'm not gonna hurt you..
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(When Rainbowheart scratched the rhino's back,it started to lay down and snorts)
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[Kirby tries to "Ninja Sense" again to try to find where the rhino is. He tries to hone in on the rhino's chains as they jingle with the rhino's movements.
He aims a kunai and throws, hoping to break the binding chains.
And not to hit the rhino. Hitting the rhino would be bad.]
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(The rhino was free!!The rhino lays down and rubs it's head on Kirby to thank him)
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[The moment the rhino was freed, a flare gun-like sound went off. And just like that, the lights came on in this room, revealing more eye shapes on the walls. Skeletons and bones litter the floor around the group of explorers. That must be the bone moving sound Kirby heard earlier.
As Kirby is being thanked by the rhino, he lets out his joyous catchphrase, thankful in turn for being able to see.] Poyo!
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(The rhino picks Kirby up with it's mouth and throws him up in the air onto it's back)
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(Rainbowheart was still on the rhino and Treebranch looks at them playing. She joins with them)
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(Treebranch didn't really want to steal Lemeza's hat,she is playing with the rhino)
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(The rhino sniffs Critter,then it rubs it's head on him.Critter didn't rub back,though.Then,he saw something dark brown,and wooly.It was behind
the rhino)
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(Rainbowheart notices what is behind the rhino, too.What is dark brown,wooly thing?It looks smaller than the rhinoceros)
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(A baby rhino which is a little bit smaller than Critter, comes out and curiously looks at the strange creatures.So that means the rhino is a......Mother?)
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I just get the worst mental blocks sometimes.

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[Kirby looks down from where he stands on the larger rhino. This rhino looks pretty small compared to the rhino Kirby just helped.]
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Sorry for late reply..Again /)_-

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(The rhino calf does a little snort and rubs against her mother,which is the rhino.Critter just sits and stares at them)
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As you can see. I'm just as bad. If not worse.

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[Kirby hops off the larger rhino and lands next to the smaller one.]
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I might end up with slow replies..

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(The little rhino snorts in fright as the puffball hops to him and hides behind the larger rhino,which is its mother.The little rhino's mother nuzzles the baby comfortingly to calm it.Then,the baby rhino curiously approaches to the pink ball)
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<(_ _)> Sorry for being very slow.

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[Just as Kirby was going to introduce himself in his usual cheery way, the sound Kirby thought he heard earlier, of bones rustling, starts up again. The skeletons on the floor seem to have come to life, as they rise up, clacking their bones as they pull themselves together. They march toward the exploring group, armed with spare bones to attack with.]