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Kirby and Ribbon Adventures! Part 2 - 12/15/2013

(Continued from here.)
In which A guy randomly shows up, and the Choice BoxGod screws Kirby over and not let him have food.

A guy jumped into the box
A guy: ...
Kirby jumped into the box
Kirby: Poyo? Is someone there?
Ribbon jumped into the box
Ribbon: ...?
Kirby: Thought someone was here....
Kirby: Hi Ribbon!
Ribbon: Hello again~!
Kirby looks around for food, feeling hungry again.
Ribbon smirked for just a bit - then looks aside with a blush. No, don't try that right now... But she is hungry herself. Where to go...
Kirby wonders if he can find some at his house.
Kirby heads to his house. Maybe food is there?
Ribbon somewhat-mindlessly follows, not even following for food but just for following's sake.
Kirby when he reaches his house, starts searching his kitchen.
Ribbon simply follows and sits down at a table, not really thinking at all right this second
Kirby asked the Choice BoxGod to choose between find ALL THE FOODS and find NONE of the foods. The Choice BoxGod chose: find NONE of the foods
Kirby can't seem to find anything
Kirby tries looking harder
Kirby asked the Choice BoxGod to choose between actually find something to eat and still nothing to eat. The Choice BoxGod chose: still nothing to eat
Kirby: Poyo....
Kirby walks back to the table dejectedly. "Can't find anything..."
Ribbon shook her head. "Thought'd you would have been more prepared for a princess. Oh wait, you weren't at all, I asked randomly, sorry about slapping your head with a newspaper." Wow, sassy.
Kirby: (Blame the BoxGods.) Sorry..... Should we look somewhere else?
Kirby goes to leave the house. Follow?

To Be Continued.... maybe