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In which Kirby eats infinite brownies, Marx is there, and Trace shows up somehow!

Eat me... )
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[Lemeza leads the way down the hallway, past the hole in the wall and the strange murals. Ahead of his group is a hole on the floor, with a wooden ladder heading downwards. Down the ladder is completely blacked out like the hallway above it was, before the hallway lit up, apparently by a stray flare gun by the sound of it. A worn-out sign is posted on the wall next to the ladder. The legible parts read:
"...o, the.............negative emotions,
..........................galaxi.......................rk Matter.
Abandon hope all who enter beyond this point."

But does that stop Mr. Explorer? No! He proceeds to climb down the ladder.
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(Continued from here.)
In which A guy randomly shows up, and the Choice BoxGod screws Kirby over and not let him have food.

Yeah, the BoxGods are jerks. )
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(Continued from here.)
[Kirby continues to fall. He fell for quite some time. Maybe he shouldn't have kept digging. Are Rainbowheart and Critter still sleeping up above him?
When he finally lands, he discovers that, one, he doesn't have the Animal Ability anymore, and two, he's in a large area, that would look like a garden if it wasn't underground, with stone tiles surrounded on three sides with expanses of flowers and plants, and vine-wrapped pillars, pillars that reach very high up, probably to where he was before he fell. On the pillars seem to be embossed carvings in the shape of fairly big eyes. The stone eyes seem to glow rather brightly in the dark, lighting up the area, but the light doesn't quite reach the ceiling Kirby fell from. If he looked closer, he would see that the stone eyes have lit torches sticking into them.
The doorway on the fourth side led into a hallway, floors and walls made of stone, and totally blacked out of light.
Kirby looked back up to where he fell from. Should he float back up? Should he explore the area? What if his friends get worried for him and try to find him?
What has he gotten himself into this time?]
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In which Kirby and Ribbon meet since forever ago, and Mun FINALLY gets to use the Chatzy tag!

And then they did it. Not really. )


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